lululemon & WRG Classic


Articulating the significance of hockey on the fabric of Canadian culture is not an easy task. Hockey has been in every Canadian home in one form or another since the sport was invented hundreds of years ago.


Founded and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, lululemon shares this DNA along with many of WRG’s core values. Teamwork, generosity, quality and community summarize the partnership, which dates back to 2016 when lululemon discovered the emerging festival and identified the WRG Classic for its originality and gentlemen’s spirit.

It was a surprise and delight our first year. So few of the players had ever seen the men’s collection that they questioned how it would fit our dress code. When we put them in their first pairs of men’s ABC pants, the questions stopped.
— Leslie Woods (co-founder)

In 2018, our brands will work together to create an even more exciting experience for the players and spectators alike, celebrating our shared love for sport, hockey and community.