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About la fondation wrg

For the love of hockey...


Pushing forward the heritage of Hockey culture in Quebec to the next generation through a series of hockey focused fundraisers, la fondation WRG aims to support local youth centres and schools, as well as the development of Hockey Culture and wellness programs in Quebec.


If you would like to get involved please contact us to learn how. 



The WRG Classic was born with blazers and bow-ties, tweeds, prints and of course personal flare. Both men and women adorn these early 20th century fashions.

The national pastime and pride of Canadians both home and abroad, the sport of hockey is in our DNA. 

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, men could be found wearing suits to the rink, both on and off the ice. While the Classic does not have a strict dress code, both players and fans are encouraged to attend in “rink casual dress” which amounts to business casual with some winterized flare. 



Year after year the WRG Classic continues to grow and evolve with the help of our spectators, our players and our partners.

Since the inaugural edition in 2014 which featured 13-pioneering players, our upcoming 5th year we're expanding our village and spectator offerings anticipating record setting crowds of spectators in attendance.




The Clearing

During intermissions of a match, spectators are invited to go onto the ice to participate in a WRG Classic tradition called “the clearing”, which has developed to not only help clear the mounds of ice shavings that has piled up by the players skates, but to afford spectators an opportunity to slide about and socialize.


After 40 Minutes

Since the inaugural edition in 2014 it is customary that oysters are served to players during the second intermission. Fortunately, spectators won't have to wait that long to enjoy on a year one tradition courtesy of Notkins Oyster Bar.


Coffey Curve

All players at the WRG Classic play with the iconic Sher-Wood 5030 wood hockey sticks. Sticks are provided to the players courtesy of Sher-Wood. Prior to the matches, players will arrive early to customize their sticks, exhibiting near-meditative-levels of focus and concentration while taping their new twig or helping each other to saw down to desired lengths. These traditions continue to grow and elevate each Saturday morning.

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