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How to dress


Start with the basics

A dapper ensemble is mandatory for the players at the  #WRGClassic, but don't let them get all the shine.

Smile for the camera... every year one spectator is awarded the BEST DRESSED award. This year it could be you!

Check out our video below for inspiration.

Screenshot 2018-01-14 21.06.31.png

Staying Warm

Layering can be your saviour. Start with warm, breathable layers and work your way up to wind and waterproof items.

During the Classic, warm up with hand warmers, a hot beverage or warm food sold in the Fan Village or gather around one of our fire pits. 


It's all in the Accessories

Fashion accessories that double as warm wear can be your best asset.

Check old thrift stores or your grandparents' closets for stylish muffs, stoles, hats or anything to add to your dapper look. A stylish blanket can even make for a great cape or scarf while keeping you cozy. 




Everyone should wear proper winter footwear for the conditions. Here is how to do it right: 

Step 1: Pack some wool socks.  Unlike cotton, wool is a great insulator. When it's cold out your feet will be toasty and warm in your wool socks.
Step 2: Function is fashion, wear waterproof boots.
Step 3: Pack toe warmers.
Step 4: Do a little dance. Not only will you stay warm but you'll attract a crowd. 


Plan B. (B is for badass)

Just kidding, its for backup. Come prepared like you would for any day outdoors… and if you plan to let loose, leave your car at home and take advantage of public transportation.

Not only will we have fire pits and great food vendors on site, there will also be items that are useful for warming up including hand and toe warmers for sale in the Fan Village.